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  1. We had a very busy Easter break moving to our new field. There is a lot of work to be done, including building a cubicle for the toilet...it is very strange with a door but no walls!

    The horses are really enjoring the new space...Zion is being especially playful and all of them are relaxed and happy except for poor George who has had a flare up of his laminitis. We tried to keep him off the grass but he kept escaping. He's now in a separate area with hay and we're hoping he will recover soon. 

    The chickens also seem happy wandering around and having dust baths in the gravel on the yard. 

    Wonderful Dominique from Belvoir Barns (http://www.belvoirbarns.co.uk/) is putting in fencing for us at cost price so that we can start setting up an Equicentral system (http://www.equiculture.com.au/equicentral-system.html).

    It is amazing to get support from the locals and we are immensely grateful also to David Musson Fencing (http://www.davidmussonfencing.co.uk/store/) who have agreed to offer a discount on the supplies...thanks to Dominique for asking for us!

    The first Saturday sessions were joyful (apart from one poor family getting lost)...see the photos posted on the We Have Moved! page.